All Boats Include "The RC Fishing Pole"!
   Here are the best Remote Control Boats we sell for RC Fishing. We think you will see one you like, for your kind of fishing! Our boats range in size, and come with "The RC Fishing Pole" holders already mounted! If you see an rc boat we don't sell you can also use your own R/C Boat, just snap "The RC Fishing Pole" on and you're ready to Go R/C Fishing!
   Our Remote Control Fishing Boats come with "The RC Fishing Pole", Batteries/Charger, Radio Controller and a Boat Stand, Extra Propellers, ready to catch fish!

Click on any Boat Picture to see the remote control boat close, and to see the details. You can also remove "The "RC Fishing Pole", it's easy to take off the boat so you can have fun with the RC Boat when you're done RC Fishing!

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I have seen tons of these but this one is awesome. I gave it to my father to play with at the cottage and he loves it.
*It is pretty big (what man does not love toys that are big), especially for a remote control boat.
*The range on this thing is great.
*I can not believe how fast this thing goes
Literally not one bad thing to say about it, got it over a year ago and still my Dad's favorite toy!

We bought this boat for our 7 year old and he loves it. We use it in a creek that doesn't have a strong current and the boat performed great. We didn't use the fishing pole yet, he just had fun driving the boat all over the place. Battery lasted for about 20 minutes of constant driving.
This a great company to use too. We ordered it on a Sat. night and received it on Thurs., just in time for our vacation.
THIS IS AN UPDATE> It's been two years since we bought the boat and it is still working great!! Worth every penny.

"I just wanted to tell you quickly, that I took my son, and grandson fishing on Belle Isle this week. And within 15 minutes caught my first fish, and it was all down hill from there. After I caught two green back rock bass, and one big mouth bass with the boat I won. Your product is great, for the last 8 years I have tried to fish in the cove, and could not get the line to the spot. But it was not a problem for the boat and the fantastic R/C Remote Control Fishing Pole. Thank you very much for this product, and I have told everybody I fish with the boat now!" W.M.

"I caught a six pound bass with my rc fishing pole will send pic!." J.A.

"I really like your fishing RC Pole. I bought a “SuperVee27” recently and I love it. It is a great way to fish and at the same time have fun on the water." A.S.

"I find it good for sending bait out to where I want the bait to be."

"Caught a 40" Pike with the boat!!!"

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#1 Most Popular
Our Biggest Boat!
34 inches, 390 motors
400 ft range, includes
The "RC Fishing Pole"

Catamaran Style
 Come Here Fishey!
 32 inches 390 motors
 400 ft range, includes
 The "RC Fishing Pole"

Drive the worm far!
29.5 inches 380 motors
400 ft range, includes
The "RC Fishing Pole"
see fishing video

Pull in Fish with the Boat
Or Use the Line Release
For Any Size Fish!
The "RC Fishing Pole"
Fits on Any Rc Boat!


Replacement Parts-
Waterproofing Hatch Tape

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Boat Features Comparison






34 inches

32 inches

30 inches


300-400 feet

300-400 feet

300-400 feet



1 Speed

1 Speed

 Includes Rc Fishing Pole




Extra Propellers Included




All include boat battery, charger, extra propellers, stand.

All include The Rc Fishing Pole. Pull in fish with the boat, and line release feature.

Supervision advised for under 8 years old.

We guarantee that when you call us we will be here for you! If you ever need service you will find we're eager to resolve problems, or answer any questions. We carry and stock every part you may need for every Rc Fishing Boat we sell. If something happens to your boat and you cannot fix it, we will be glad to help out! We encourage you to call us with any questions no matter how small.

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