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A Fish Fun Radio Control Fishing Boat can be used for bait-casting and deliver your line, hook, and bait hundreds of feet away. You can target the line to your favorite fishing spot and drop the line, you can drive the rc boat with your line to even the most difficult spots where you normally can't cast! Watch the videos here to demonstrate how easy it is.

Almost 1 million views on our Youtube Channel-Check out ArlinBenz on youtube!Another thing a Fish Fun Rc fishing boat does that the youngsters think is a lot of fun is besides using the line release is, you can attach line right on the rc boat and then when you catch a fish the boat will bring in the fish! The boat really catches the fish!

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Pro Angler from Bass Patrol Nation with the Master Caster Rc Fishing Boat!Bells Bucks N Beards Goes Rc Fishing with the Bass Pro Rc Fishing Boat!Troy catches a huge Catfish with the Bass Pro!
Besides Remote control fishing boats, Fish Fun Co also has a way for you to turn any r/c boat into a rc fishing boat called "The RC Fishing Pole"! Attach it in 5 minutes and you're ready for real rc fishing fun, you don't even need any tools, glue, it attaches with its own self adhesive holders, and it fits on any rc boat!
Do all the things you can do with a fish fun rc boat using your own!

Soo how to make a rc fishing video, and get your free rc fishing boat from Fish Fun Co.


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A perfect day to try out the new rc fishing boat. We picked up a new Radio Ranger and give a try for the first time. Bammo, fish on, at least we think its a fish, oh well.... Hey Murray, check out my new Rc Fishing Boat! Are you ready, 85 degrees in sunny Arizona. Perfect bait for a Big Bass, A 1/4 ounce jig and a grub..... The Alligator and Buzzards don't appear to mind the Radio Ranger fishing nearby! I drove the Ranger right by them and caught a little sunfish.
Put "The RC Fishing Pole" on any r/c boat, and go Rc Fishing!
Yes, You can get The Rc Fishing Pole and put it on your own rc boat! The Possibilities are endless. Rc Boats vary in size and features, so attach The Rc Fishing Pole to your rc boat for your fishing style!
 NEW! Michigan LuckyStrike Catching Bluegills. Can you say Wholesome fishing fun? Go on, Get out, Go Fishing Today. You know where those Bluegills are hanging out, under the dock, around the shore, grab the remote and you don't even need a fishing pole! All Over, Everybody's Fishing with a Rc Boat! Who's Rc Fishing? Real fishermen, kids, and people like you! Real fishermen use the line release feature of The Rc Fishing Pole to take and release their fishing line out hundreds of feet! We all like pulling in fish with the boat!
Watch Us on Animal Planet's New Series- "Top Hooker"!
We're having a Remote Control Fishing Competition. Watch the action as three contestants compete to be the Top Rc Fisherman and avoid elimination! It's not very long until hook ups using spinners and worms. Notice the Rc Fishing Pole is upside down on the boats, and the nifty flag attached, why not if it works!

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Rc Fishing with "Off The Hook Extreme Catches" Host Showtime Eric Young! We brought out the Big Guns, an Aquacraft Tug Boat, a Traxxas and Two  Giant Custom Nqd 45" Inch Rc Fishing Boats. You'll see both features of The Rc Fishing Pole, drive your line out from your fishing pole and drop it off, then we'll try pulling in some fish with the boats! Note: we used two 5000 mah batteries in each boat with a parallel battery connector and never had to change the batteries! We also used hull tape and some weather seal on the hatch of the boats for added can get hull tape at any hobby shop.

Oklahoma, Kids have a Blast! Driving the "Radio Ranger"! Pond fishing is fun, more fun when you have a Radio Ranger! Watch how much fun the kids will have with their Rc Fishing Boat! Kids like fishing and kids like remote control things, rc fishing combines both.

Radio Ranger Trolling for Big Fish in Florida! Jan. 2011. People always ask if you can use your rc fishing boat in saltwater, the answer is yes, besides saltwater fishing has some species you would not normally catch in a lake!

A lighthearted look at catching a medium sized catfish using the line release feature. Anytime you want to catch bigger fish than a few pounds you should use the line release. Takes your line out from your rod! How the line release pads work.

Below is a good video explaining how The Rc Fishing Pole works. Watch how to use the fishing line release or how to pull in the fish with your boat. Use your remote control boat to pull in the fish!

32" LuckyStrike Late Summer 2010 Family RC Fishing! The lake is fun, no doubt a little Rc Fishing turned a day at the lake into a fishing adventure they will not soon forget! No casting here, add a worm, drive the boat out, hook a fish and drive it in! Catching Bluegills is easy now!

Indiana RC Fishing, Catch big fish too! Watch how to attach your line and bait to The Rc Fishing Pole. If you want to catch Big Fish then this is the way to do it! Using your own fishing rod, instead of casting the boat will take your line anywhere you want and then release it!

Dubai RC Sports Fishing for Big Tuna Fish with the "Radio Ranger" MAY 2010 "LIVE ACTION" 12 Miles offshore in the Indian Ocean! 
FALL 2011 NEW RC Fishing! Radio Ranger Catching Lots of Fish-A Collection of Summer 2011 Videos YOU SENT!

Michigan RC Catfishing-See how the line release works, with "Bass Pro". The line release works like a charm to hook and catch a good size catfish!

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